Finnpartnership and BEAM launch ”Growth through SDGs” workshops for successful Business Partnership Support projects


Business Partnership Support recipient: has your project progressed? Looking for funding and tools to grow your business in a developing country? Join Finnpartnership and Business Finland BEAM program’s joint “Growth through SDGs” advanced workshops!

Finnpartnership and BEAM will arrange four “Growth through SDGs” advanced workshops in 2019. In the workshops, past recipients of Business Partnership Support that have succeeded in their earlier projects will have the opportunity to get customized tools to develop their business, learn how to identify and argue the development impact of their own business and learn more about the funding and other opportunities provided by Finnpartnership, BEAM and international financial institutions. The advanced workshops provide a more in-depth look at development impact and funding opportunities than Finnpartnership’s monthly application workshops.

The workshop will be tailored to the context of the audience, and thus it is important to fill in the registration form carefully before the deadline. Please note that to attend the workshops it is necessary to have a previous (or ongoing) successfully executed Business Partnership Support project. You will be asked to provide details of the project when registering, but all information will be handled confidentially if requested.

The first advanced workshop will be arranged at Ruoholahden Tähti, Porkkalankatu 22 on March 14th from 8.30 AM to 1 PM.

Register here before February 28th!


Please note that registration via this link is only for companies that have received Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support. For companies that have recieved BEAM funding and wish to attend the workshop, please contact Business Finland’s Christopher Palmberg (


While the “Growth through SDGs” advanced workshops are targeted only for companies with successful previous or ongoing Business Partnership Support projects, Finnpartnership will continue to arrange the monthly application workshops for all interested participants. The application workshops provide an excellent introduction to Finnpartnership services (Business Partnership Support, Matchmaking), development impact and international funding opportunities. The application workshops are also an excellent networking opportunity, and include a presentation by an NGO interested in partnering with companies. The application workshops can be also be joined via Skype. Welcome!