Finnish companies roll up their sleeves with Somali companies after a fruitful business summit in Helsinki



Finnish-Somali Helsinki Business Summit, a two-day Summit organized by Finnpartnership and Finnish-Somali Business Council, brought together 25 Finnish and 27 Somali companies at the end of June 2018. As a result of the Summit, all companies that participated will continue with their cooperation plans and many companies already signed an MoU.


Over 50 companies from Finland and Somalia participated


Finnpartnership and Finnish-Somali Business Council organized the Finnish-Somali Helsinki Business Summit on June 25-26, 2018 in Scandic Marina Congress Center, Helsinki. The Summit brought together companies that have been in Finnpartnership’s Somalia Business Pilot Project this year from Finland and Somalia. It gave a chance to create new business partnerships and strengthen already-created business partnerships in the framework of the pilot project. The pilot project aims to pilot a cooperation model through which long-term business partnerships can be created between Finland and a fragile state and this way, with the help of the companies, strengthen local development.


The companies represented mainly the sectors of energy, education and construction. There were also two participants from the Somali government – Hon. Mohamed Diriye Khalif, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as Hon. Abdullahi Mohamed Nor, member of the Somali parliament. On Tuesday, the government representatives met with Director of Unit Theresa Zitting and Programme Officer Sara Karlsson from the Unit for the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


Private sector plays a major role in Somalia with over 75% of the Somali people working in the private sector. Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (SCCI) Abdi Abshir Dorre presents Somalia as a business environment.


Companies were in the main role on the first day of the Summit. They shared their knowledge and needs in the joint part of the event as well as in the sectorial meetings and networking breaks. The participants also heard about Finland and Somalia as business environments and about the services of Finnpartnership, Finnfund and Finnish-Somali Business Council.


The second day of the Summit was reserved for company visits and B2B meetings. For companies coming from a completely different operational environment it is very important to see the technology in practice either at a production plant or in finished locations. The visits focused in the metropolitan area and Southern Finland. The visits and meetings created guidelines to concrete cooperation and led to the signing of several MoUs.


Somali government representatives Mohamed Diriye Khalif and Abdullahi Mohamed Nor with their presents from Finland


The two-day Summit got a lot of positive feedback from the participants. The Somalia Business Pilot project has been put into practice in a tight cooperation between Finnpartnership and Finland’s Somali diaspora community. Through the project also many Finnish Somalian companies have gotten into cooperation with Finnish companies.


As part of the Somali Pilot project it is planned to organize a Summit in Mogadishu in November 2018. The purpose of the event in November is to create conditions for now-established business partnerships and to have the opportunity to discuss the necessary legal, financial and other practical prerequisites for the projects on the spot.



Thank you for all the participants!


For more information about the Summit and the Somalia Business Pilot project, please contact Kaisa Arkkila, .

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