Find business partners from Nigeria in November! Join the Nordic Nigeria Connect and Doing Business with Finland seminar events on November 23-25th in Lagos

7 October 2021

We finally get to meet! Set-out to meet Nigerian companies in Lagos, Africa’s largest city and Nigeria’s commercial capital, for initiating openings on a market with a population exceeding 200 million. Nordic Nigeria Connect is co-organized by the Nordic countries with a focus on building business partnerships in Smart City and Circular economy sectors. Read more about the event here.
A Doing Business with Finland seminar is being outlined, and it will be executed in collaboration with Lagos Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, November 25th, just after the main event (November 23-24th). The side-event will tap into the development plans of Lagos and potential avenues for long-term partnerships with private sector solution providers.
Please reach out to Axel Sointu if you are interested to hear more about the upcoming trip and event!
The upcoming trip is planned to take place under the Team Finland umbrella with travel arrangements managed by Business Finland.