Total School Support Seminar/Exhibition (TOSSE), 1st-2nd September, 2022

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TOSSE is Africa’s biggest education tradeshow, taking place in the megacity of Lagos, in Africa’s largest market, Nigeria. TOSSE brings together over 7000 education professionals, including private school owners and administrators, consultants and government agencies and over a hundred local and international companies for two days of extensive networking and knowledge sharing.

The Nigerian education sector faces huge challenges with overcrowding and under-funding, but offers also great potential for companies with innovative products and services geared to tackling these challenges. Finland is a sought-after partner and contacts especially with Lagos state are well established.

For Finnish companies, TOSSE offers an insight into the growing Nigerian education market and an opportunity to market directly to prospective buyers especially from the large private school sector in Nigeria.

Finnish education institutions and companies can join Finnpartnership’s exhibition stand at TOSSE. For more information, please see this article.