The 9th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX), August 12-15th, 2020, Tehran

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The International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX) has been held in Iran for 8 years and has become the platform for the innovation and technology industry players to meet, exhibit and interact.

INOTEX strives to achieve the following goals:
• Investment: The connection between domestic and international investors between companies and startups.
• Partnerships: Bridging technology companies and startups for an innovative problem-solving approach.
• Conversation and Networking: Facilitating the interaction between the startup ecosystem activists by providing attractive contents and opportunities for meaningful conversations.

With 8 years of successful events, INOTEX has become one of the biggest events in the Iranian Innovation and technology ecosystem, having had more than 17 thousand visitors and 400 exhibitors in the 2019 event.

The organizer welcomes international investors, startups, and technology companies who look forward to a chance to interact with the Iranian ecosystem to attend INOTEX.

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