Mark your calendars: Doing Business with Finland seminar in Mongolia in autumn 2023

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  • event locationUlaanbaatar

Finnpartnership is organising a Doing Business with Finland seminar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in autumn 2023, together with the Ministry of Economy and Development of Mongolia and the National Chamber of Commerce. The seminar marks a part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary year of Finnish-Mongolian diplomatic relations. The event will be organised in the turn of September-October 2023.

Mongolia’s ambassador in Stockholm Mr. Tuvdendorj Janabazar visited Helsinki in March and talked about Mongolia’s commitment to facilitating Finnish companies’ presence in the country. Mongolia has growing market potential in many sectors, such as the energy, mining, and natural resource sectors. Mongolia is the fourth largest copper producer in the world, but only a small part of the surface area has been mapped for mineral deposits. There is also a growing interest in Finnish education solutions in the country. Mongolia also produces many traditional products such as high-quality cashmere wool. Mongolia’s location close to the Chinese market is also a clear competitive advantage for foreign companies active in the country.

Further information about the event will be published in the next few weeks on Finnpartnership’s website and social media platforms. Interested persons may contact Programme Officer Eelis Hemberg via