Finnpartnership: the ABC of international tendering, June 6, Microsoft Teams

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Hundreds of thousands of tenders are open every day around the world. They are funded by the World Bank, regional development banks, the EU, UN programmes, and smaller local actors in different countries. Did you know that you can find almost all tenders in one relatively easy-to-use database, and filter suitable projects by country and sector, for example? If this is not familiar yet to your company, join our webinar on international tendering! The virtual event will take place on 6 June 2023 at 14-16 and will be held in Finnish.

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The webinar will be held by Kaj Björk (PhD, Development studies; Master of Business Economics; Approved Board Member), who has in-depth knowledge of international tendering from both sides of the table. During his career, he has worked as a tenderer for major donors such as the World Bank and EU programmes, both on the buying side of projects and as a bidder, with good success. Björk will guide the participants through the nature of international tenders, the tender organisers, the database, and will teach about the skills that are required from companies when bidding.

Finnpartnership is organising the webinar as part of its Global Gateway campaign, which aims to help more Finnish companies to get involved in EU-funded projects in developing markets. Finnpartnership’s business partnership support is not, as such, suitable for mere participation in a tender, but, for example, a winning tender may provide an opportunity for a company to establish itself in the target market, in which case business partnership support is available.

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