Finnpartnership: Doing Business with Finland – Dominican Republic seminar, November 17th, 2021, Santo Domingo

  • event date

  • event locationSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic

Find new partners in the Dominican Republic and network with UNDP this November at our Doing Business with Finland seminar!

Finnpartnership organizes a Doing Business with Finland – Dominican Republic Seminar on Wednesday 17 Nov 2021 in Santo Domingo together with Finland’s Roving Ambassador for the Caribbean, Finnish Water Forum, UNDP Dominican Republic and CONEP. The focus of the seminar will be water, waste and green energy sectors. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet new partners in the Dominican Republic, network with UNDP and learn about UNDP’s current projects in the Dominican Republic. You can register to the event here: Doing Business with Finland – Dominican Republic – Event information (

The seminar is a one-day live event in Santo Domingo. The week may also include other venues organized by local partners. Please note that this is not a delegation trip and thus each company is responsible for their own travel arrangements. However, the travel costs can be part of a Business Partnership Support application and eligible for Support – please read more here, or ask our team.

We warmly welcome Finnish companies to join us! If interested, please be in touch with our Finnpartnership team:

Kaisa Arkkila,

Nikke Karjalainen,

Patrik Bredbacka,

In case you are unable to attend the live event, you may alternatively send us a company presentation (max. two PowerPoint slides) and we can present your company at the seminar free of charge. Please note that the focus sectors of the seminar are water, waste and green energy.

The company slides (max. two) should include:

1) Brief introduction of your product / service + picture

2) Company name and contact details

3) Brief description of what type of partnership your company is looking for

Please see the instructions for the company slides here.

The deadline for the company presentation slides is 7 Nov 2021.