Finnpartnership: Application workshop, February 17th, 2022 (register by February 10th, 2022), online workshop (in English)

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After the workshop you will be able to evaluate how your project matches with Finnpartnership’s funding (Business Partnership Support) criteria and we give you practical tools on how to prepare the funding application. You will also learn about Business Finland‘s funding opportunities for developing markets and what kind of possibilities collaboration with NGOs can offer (presentation by Fingo). The workshops also give an outlook on development impact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and how connecting these two aspects with your project can help you find further funding channels related to development financing and sustainable business. 

The workshops are organized every other month in Finnish and every other month in English. The workshops are organized in collaboration with Business Finland and Fingo.

In addition to Business Partnership Support, the workshop introduces companies from the developing countries that are currently seeking business partners in Finland (Matchmaking service). These companies are also listed in the public Matchmaking database.

The workshop is organized via Microsoft Teams.

Please note that the workshops are aimed at companies and organisations that are eligible to apply for Business Partnership Support, which means that they need to be registered in Finland, or have a substantial tie to Finland through ownership

You can register to the workshop here! (DL February 10th, 2022)

Upon registration, participants are asked to provide a short description of their current business activities/industry and what types of business partners they are seeking in the developing markets.

The final programme for the workshop is sent to registered participants usually on the Monday of the week of the event.

Application workshop programme

Updated workshop programme will be added here closer to the event