EastCham: Team Finland visit to Baku, October 16-18, 2023

  • event date

  • event locationBaku

EastCham is organising a Team Finland visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The delegation is headed by Ambassador Kirsti Narinen.

Azerbaijan is known for its vast energy resources. Now the country is aiming to reduce the weight of the oil sector in economy. There are great conditions for renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power, in Azerbaijan. The country is seeking to develop agriculture and education, as well as modernize the industrial sector, which creates a lot of possibilities for Finnish companies.

Key industries of the visit

  • Energy, especially renewables
  • Environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Logistics

The visit program will include

  • Company visits
  • Business Forum

Find more information on the visit on EastCham’s website. For any questions, please contact Tarja Teittinen, Director of Services, tarja.teittinen@eastcham.fi