Doing Business with Finland seminars

New business partners in developing markets.

Doing Business with Finland seminars are an easy and affordable way for a Finnish company to find a business partner in developing countries. The seminars, which have been organised in their present form since 2016, aim to establish communication channels between Finnish and local companies. Finnish companies are welcome to attend the seminars. Alternatively, Finnish companies can send Finnpartnership a two-slide PowerPoint marketing presentation about the company and Finnpartnership will introduce the company on its behalf. Read more below!

Doing Business with Finland seminar concept in brief

The Doing Business with Finland seminar is a half-day seminar where local companies are told about Finland as a business environment in addition to introducing Finnish companies that are interested in finding a local partner in the target country. The seminars focus on 1-4 focus sectors that have been agreed on in advance with the local partner. The target audience and the participating Finnish companies that are either attending or introduced at the seminar primarily operate in these pre-selected sectors, as this best facilitates finding suitable business partners. After introducing the Finnish companies, the seminars always have a Matchmaking break at a Matchmaking table, where local companies can ask more about the Finnish companies. In addition, Finnpartnership engages in one-to-one matchmaking at the table by giving the local company a double-sided brochure it has had printed about the Finnish company in exchange for a business card. Local companies that have provided their business cards are linked with the Finnish company they were interested in by email after the seminar.

Person standing behind the Matchmaking table at the Doing Business with Finland seminar

Matchmaking table at the Doing Business with Finland seminar

Marketing the Finnish companies at the seminars

Finnpartnership markets the Finnish companies at the Doing Business with Finland seminars by using a two-slide PowerPoint presentation, which is used to create discussions between the Finnish company and the companies interested in it in the target country. The maximum length of two PowerPoint slides cannot be exceeded, as Finnpartnership uses the presentations to also print double-sided brochures about the company. The brochures are used at the Matchmaking table during the break (see above). Opportunities are always presented in Finnpartnership’s newsletter.   The following should be included in the two PowerPoint slides written in English:

  1. Product image or e.g. service illustration and short introduction
  2. Name of the company and the contact information for the contact person
  3. Definition of what type of partner is being sought

Finnpartnership will only present presentations of the designated length at the seminars. The PowerPoint slides are to be delivered by the deadline provided for each seminar. The deadline is not flexible, as Finnpartnership will have double-sided brochures printed of the presentation slides for the seminar. In addition, Finnpartnership can speak about the presentation with the client over the phone before the seminar presentation if needed. Finnpartnership will introduce a maximum of 20 Finnish companies per seminar.

Also see the more detailed instructions of preparing the presentation slides here  

Participation of Finnish companies in the seminars

Finnish companies are welcome to attend the Doing Business with Finland seminars. A separate delegation is not organised for the seminars; instead, every seminar attendee is to make their own travel and lodging arrangements and is responsible for the associated costs. However, the trip may be a part of a larger project in the target country, in which case a Finnish company can apply for Business Partnership Support to cover some of the travel expenses. Read more about Business Partnership Support here and sign up for an application workshop here.

Four persons at the meeting point booth at the eLearning Africa conference

Meeting point booth

Meeting Point booth

If the Doing Business with Finland seminar is organised in conjunction with a trade fair or conference, Finnpartnership may have a Meeting Point booth at the event, in accordance with its concept. In such instances, Finnish companies may use the booth as a small-scale meeting and exhibition location free of charge.


Where to learn about future seminars?

Information on future Doing Business with Finland seminars is available in Finnpartnership’s newsletter, website and application workshops. The planned seminars are also listed at the bottom of this page.

Planned DBF seminars:


First picture: Gina Figuiera