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Vast international network available

Finnpartnership has a vast international cooperation network. It includes missions, development funders, Finnish companies, experts and organisations operating in developing countries and other industry operators in developing countries.

Finnpartnership is a part of the Team Finland network, which brings together all state-funded internationalisation services. In addition to the Team Finland network, Finnpartnership is regularly in contact with many other key operators both in Finland and internationally. We update these operators in the listing below.

Team Finland network

Team Finland brings together all state-funded internationalisation services. Using the Team Finland website, you can locate the direct contact information for your local Team Finland coordinator, who represents all of the operators in the domestic Team Finland network in the assigned area and is able to direct you to the appropriate services. The website also contains information on Finnish embassies in different countries. Several organisations that offer internationalisation services operate within the Team Finland network. If necessary, you can also contact the appropriate organisation directly if you already know who to contact in the network. The entities that belong to the network are listed under the Team Finland organisations section.

Business Finland’s Developing Markets Platform (previously BEAM Program) helps Finnish companies and their partners develop sustainable business and access global funding in developing markets. For more information, please click here.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and foreign missions online

The Ministry influences the operating environment and market entry of companies abroad, promotes investments in Finland and coordinates country image efforts. The Ministry directs and supports missions and the rest of the Team Finland network internationally. The Team Finland services offered by missions include creating contacts, producing market information and problem-solving and advisory services for companies. You can find the updated contact information for Finnish missions abroad on the Ministry’s website. Factsheet on Funding instruments (pdf 182 KB)

Finnpartnership’s country information search

You can search for information sources regarding the country you are interested in on the Finnpartnership website. Using the Information Sources search function, you can find country-specific information sources and newsletters offered by foreign chambers of commerce, associations, organisations and other operators that know the local markets.

Chambers of commerce and associations

The Finland Chamber of Commerce and 19 regional chambers of commerce cover all of Finland, all industries and types of business. Using the Finland Chamber of Commerce website, you can find the contact information of both your own regional chamber of commerce and the associations and chambers of commerce abroad.

Finnfund and European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI)

Development fund company Finnfund offers companies long-term risk funding for profitable and responsible investments in developing countries. Finnfund belongs to a group of fifteen European development finance institutions known as EDFI (Association of European Development Finance Institutions). The EDFI group’s institutions offer long-term funding for private projects in developing countries and EDFI’s mission is to promote the cooperation between development funding institutions.

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are recommendations given by States to multinational enterprises on responsible business practices. The guide drafted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment explains briefly what the guidelines include and how their fulfilment is monitored by the national liaison body in Finland. Guide in Finnish / English. website offers country-specific iGuides, designed by UNCTAD and the International Chamber of Commerce, that provide investors online with up-to-date information on business costs, opportunities and conditions in developing countries. The iGuides are developed jointly with governments, and at their request. For more information, please visit the website.


SheTrades is an initiative by the International Trade Center (ITC), which aims to empower women economically through trade. The aim is to connect 3 million women entrepreneurs to the international market by 2021. Through its country-based activities, SheTrades enables women entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their products and services. SheTrades offers for example an eLearning platform, market tools, mentoring and webinars. More than 120 corporations and institutions have currently signed up to support the initiative. Read more about the SheTrades initiative here.

ITC SME Trade Academy

SME Trade Academy is an online platform by the International Trade Center (ITC), which offers trade support institutions, enterprises (particularly SMEs) and trade policy specialists in both private and public sectors access to practical offline and online courses, workshops and learning material to support skills development. The platform covers a wide range of trade-related topics. For more information about the SME Trade Academy and its material, please visit the SME Trade Academy’s official website.

Newsletters and other sources of information

  • Embassy of Ethiopia (UK): Current affairs in Ethiopia. Subscribe to the newsletter here.
  • Embassy of Finland in Cairo’s Monthly Economic Bulletin for Egypt. Subscribe to the newsletter by contacting Mr Yasser Shawky (, Commercial Advisor of the Embassy of Finland in Cairo.