Companies, officials and NGO’s join hands in creating joint offering to the needs in Africa

4 February 2020

The SDG Boosters got a vibrant start on January 23rd, when companies offering GIS technologies got together with Team Finland, UN Technology Innovation Labs UNTIL and Fingo to build a business ecosystem to answer the needs in Africa that had been collected and analysed beforehand on the theme of peace and security.

Finnpartnership has an experience of 12 years and over thousand business projects by Finnish companies in developing countries. However, consortia and cooperation between companies have not been popular, no matter how much need there has been for it. SDG Boosters were created to solve this problem and to provide a clear model on how to build a larger joint offering together.

The SDG Boosters have been built on the double diamond model, which is familiar from service design and which, as its result, produces a joint offering. In the case of GIS technologies, the newly-created joint offering will be presented to decision makers of the IGAD countries: Uganda, Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti on March 25th.  


Join the Kampala event!

Finnpartnership arranges a business seminar in connection to the meeting of IGAD countries and provides Finnish companies an opportunity to present their offering to the IGAD country representatives.

GIS technology companies/companies from a related sector who have not been part of the Booster are also welcome to join the event. As usual, Finnpartnership will also represent companies that are interested in the IGAD area, but cannot join the trip.

The slides (max. 2 PowerPoint slides) should include:

1) Picture of the product or an illustrative picture of the service and a short introduction.

2) Name of the company and contact information (a web page is not enough).

3) A definition of what kind of business partner the company/organization is looking for.

Kindly see precise instructions for the slides here.

Send the slides (in English) to Juho Korkiakoski ( by March 15th.

More information: