Changes in the terms and conditions of Business Partnership Support on July 1st bring expanded opportunities for NGOs and educational institutions

23 June 2020


From July 1st 2020, NGOs and educational institutions will be able to receive Business Partnership Support ( financial support of Finnpartnership programme) for joint projects with partner companies that are receiving funding for the same project from Finnpartnership or Business Finland’s new Developing Markets Platform (DevPlat). The NGO or educational institution, which needs to be registered in Finland to be eligible for the funding, can receive Business Partnership Support for non-profit activities that build the capacity of local communities in developing countries and directly support the business activities of their partner that is funded by Finnpartnership or Business Finland. Previously, both parties needed to be recipients of Business Partnership Support, but the new extension allows for joint projects where the partner is a recipient of Business Finland Funding.


NGOs/educational institutions may carry out essential activities that support another organization’s Business Partnership Support or DevPlat project, such as:

 ✓ cooperation between companies and non-governmental organisations/educational institutions developing the capacity (related to corporate responsibility and human rights questions and vocational, technical and business training) of Business Partnership project interest groups, developing cooperation networks, piloting products and services etc.;

 ✓ developing cooperation and innovation platforms related to Business Partnership projects; and

✓ organising seminars and workshops related to Business Partnership projects as a part of general awareness raising and influencing efforts.


In the joint project, the NGO/educational institution applies for Business Partnership Support in the government’s e-service using Finnpartnership’s forms even if the partner’s project is funded by Business Finland.

The new funding model complements Finnpartnership’s existing funding opportunities for NGOs and educational institutions and better enables sustainable joint projects between companies and NGOs/educational institutions.



More details can be found in the updated terms and conditions (click here) of Business Partnership Support. Come hear more about Finnpartnership and DevPlat’s funding and other services at our monthly workshops!



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