Business partners from Guyana or Suriname? Join our Doing Business with Finland seminars in February!

10 December 2019

Finnpartnership organizes Doing Business with Finland seminars in Guyana and Suriname in February 2020. The seminar in Suriname will take place in the capital city of Paramaribo on the 10th of February and the seminar in Guyana in capital Georgetown on the 12th of February.

The seminars provide an excellent opportunity for Finnish companies to meet with potential business partners and get to know the local business environments. The seminars will focus on a few sectors, which are:

  • education
  • ICT
  • port business
  • green economy, incl. sustainable forestry

Finnish citizens need visas for Suriname. The visa may be acquired either when entering the Paramaribo airport or in advance from the Suriname embassy in Hague: Company representatives who register to Finnpartnership at the latest on the 10th of January, may send their visa application through the Foreign Ministry, contact person Sanna Tavi (

Guyana does not require a visa.


If you are interested in the upcoming trip and would like to hear more, please contact Hanna Viitala ( or Kaisa Arkkila (


Not able to come? Send us your slides and we will present your company!

If you cannot attend the seminars but wish to be introduced to local companies and organisations, you can send two PowerPoint slides to Finnpartnership. We will present your company/organisation at the seminar and open the discussions with interested local companies.

The slides (max. 2 PowerPoint slides) should include:

1) Picture of the product or an illustrative picture of the service and a short introduction.

2) Name of the company and contact information (a web page is not enough).

3) A definition of what kind of business partner the company/organization is looking for.

Kindly see precise instructions for the slides here.

Send the slides (in English) to Hanna Viitala ( or Kaisa Arkkila ( by January 29th, 2020.