How to enter the African market successfully in 2021? Join the Remode market entry accelerator!


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8 April 2021

Two seats out of five are still up for grabs! Join Remode for a unique learning journey to find out how to enter the Nigerian, Kenyan and Senegalese markets successfully. Remode is a market entry accelerator that initiates partnerships, develops capacities and sparks new ideas for real change. Remode supports companies and organisations from Finland and the African continent in expanding their business and impact.

Here are some ongoing inspiring examples of impact being generated with Remode:

TAUKO was love at first sight for us: a Helsinki-based sustainable Nordic fashion house committed to creating timeless and ethical clothing for people who care about the planet’s well-being. With Remode, TAUKO has been identifying the best possible partners and impact models to build the present and future of sustainable fashion. We continue to expand Tauko’s impact and business together.

5ive Africa is a creative and branding marketing agency with a strong commitment to create new communication solutions currently finding new roots in Finland and Europe! Together our mission is to build 5ive’s capacities and propel them for continuous success.

Måndag is way more than an agency: instead of campaigns, they build the future. And they firmly believe, as we do, that it’s never too late to change the world. By joining Remode, Måndag is taking their Nordic (and Middle Eastern) success also to the African Continent.

Do you need help to enter the African market? Then get to know Remode, get in touch with Pierre Jallow or Oki Tåg (contact details at the end of this presentation) to discuss what you want to accomplish and how Remode could help you. Remode is operated by WeBridge, Trainshare and Måndag in collaboration with Finnpartnership.

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