Education SDG Booster final event successfully gathered over 80 participants from Finland, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia to innovate and tackle the educational challenges in East Africa



Marraskuun 6. päivä digitaalisesti järjestetty koulutusteemainen SDG Booster -lopputapahtuma keräsi yli 80 osallistujaa Suomesta, Keniasta, Tansaniasta, Etiopiasta ja Somaliasta kehittämään ratkaisuja koulutussektorin haasteisiin Itä-Afrikassa. Lopputapahtuma oli huipentuma kahdelle digitaaliselle SDG Booster -työpajalle, jotka järjestettiin elo-syyskuussa ja joissa suomalaisyritykset ja -organisaatiot pääsivät keskustelemaan ja kehittämään ratkaisuja Itä-Afrikan koulutussektorilta ennalta kerättyihin ja määriteltyihin haasteisiin. Pidempi englanninkielinen juttu lopputapahtumasta löytyy alla!


Education SDG Booster final event successfully gathered over 80 participants from Finland, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia to innovate and tackle the educational challenges in East Africa

Education SDG Booster final event arranged on the 6th of November connected the dots between the previous two Booster online workshops arranged in August and September. In these two previous workshops Finnish educational entities teamed up to discuss how the defined challenges in the field of vocational education and training in East Africa could be turned into opportunities in collaboration with the locals. The two workshops arranged earlier laid the groundwork for the SDG Booster final event which brought together over 80 Finnish and East African companies, NGOs, embassies, financial instruments, thematic experts and local educational officials. The participants from Finland, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia engaged in discussion to collaborate on five recognized and thematically arranged challenge areas discussed in virtual innovation tents focusing on, for instance, teachers and schools as channels of IT skills, how to lift the status of vocational training, educational question in Somalia and education for people with disabilities.

The final event was commenced by keynotes from Ambassador of Finland in Kenya, Mr Erik Lundberg, and Ambassador of Finland in Tanzania, Ms Riitta Swan and the organizers had a pleasure to host also a variety of local commentators from the education field, such as Mr Pasi Aaltonen from Finn Church Aid bringing NGO point of view to the discussions, Ms Margaret Lesuuda from Ministry of Education in Kenya and Mr Ahmed E. Muhumad who is the Principal Advisor of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Somalia.

The three-hour SDG Booster event, its vivid and active innovation tent discussions in the virtual fair area and foremost the new partnership leads found by the Finnish and East African participants at the final event showed how digital tools can help to overcome the challenges that the distance can currently create. The Education SDG Booster will continue in February 2021 with discussions between the organizers and the participants in order to follow-up the discussions that were started during the SDG Boosters this year, to boost the creation of business partnerships in the thematic field of vocational training and also continue to connect the participants with the best matching support mechanisms and funding instruments available for those project that have already started to move further in the project planning.

Finnpartnership would like to warmly thank the co-organisers in Finland and East Africa, participants and everyone involved in the SDG Booster for active participation. Finnpartnership team alongside with other organizers, is looking forward to supporting the participants also in the following steps of their upcoming education sector projects in East African markets.

The goal of the SDG Booster process, piloted by the organizers in 2020, is to accelerate progress to the Sustainable Development Goals through the creation and implementation of innovative digital technology projects. The workshops were organized by Finnpartnership, UNTIL, Fingo, Business Finland, Education Finland and Finnish National Agency for Education and facilitated by Vision Factory. The SDG Booster focusing on education had a special focus in East Africa and especially on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). To learn more about the SDG Boosters workshop concept, please have a look at the short video available here.

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